The African Big 5

What are the Big 5 and how were they chosen?

1) Lion
2) Leopard
3) African Elephant
4) Black Rhino
5) Cape Buffalo

These 5 animals were chosen by the first European hunters as being the most dangerous animals to hunt and were responsible for killing the most hunters on their hunting safaris’

Why is the Hippopotamus not part of the big five, as statistics show it kills more people in Africa than any other mammal?

The Hippo is very dangerous, but not dangerous to hunt. When Hippo are in water they are quite relaxed when approached on foot, making it very easy for a hunter to get close to them without much threat of an attack.

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Cats said...

Yep I knew the 'Big Five' was a hunting expression. Glad that these magnificent animals are no longer hunted now and protected instead!