Animal Collective Names

Here's a list of the collective nouns for some of the African animals:

Baboons – Troop
Badgers – Cete
Bats – Cloud
Buffaloes – Obstinacy
Cheetahs – Coalition
Crocodiles – Bask
Elephants – Parade or Memory
Giraffes – Journey
Hippos – Raft or Pod
Hyenas – Clan
Leopards – Leap
Lions – Pride
Monkeys – Shrewdness
Owls – Parliament
Porcupines – Prickle
Rhinos - Crash
Zebras – Dazzle


Fani said...

Very very interesting ...Thank you for posting it ...I knew only the pride for lions, the clan for hyenas and the troop for baboons ...I hadn't heard the rest until now ...I think for Wild dogs you use the word ''pack''
Is it right ?
Are there such words for birds too ?

Photo-Africa said...

Nice post. For giraffe I have also heard and read tower, kaleidoscope and caravan.

Still one of the strangest ones must be an 'implausibility' of wildebeest!! :)

Anyway, nice blog. Will visit again soon!


Animal Fact Guide said...

I think my favorite is a parliament of owls. It really stirs up a funny image in my mind. Great post!