List of African Animals


Order: Insectivora

Long-tailed Forest Shrew – Myosorex longicaudatus
Dark-Footed Forest Shrew – Myosorex cafer
Forest Shrew – Mysorex varius
Greater Dwarf Shrew – Suncus lixus
Lesser Dwarf Shrew – Suncus varilla
Least Dwarf Shrew – Suncus infinitesimus
Swamp musk Shrew – Crocidura mariquensis
Tiny Musk Shrew – Crocidura fuscomurina
Maquassie Musk Shrew – Crocidura maquassiensis
Reddish-Grey Musk Shrew – Crocidura cyanea
Peter’s Musk Shrew – Crocidura silacea
Giant Musk Shrew – Crocidura occidentalis
Grey-Brown Musk Shrew – Crocidura luna
Greater Musk Shrew – Crocidura flavescens
Lesser Red musk Shrew – Crocidura hirta
Climbing Shrew – Sylvisorex megalura

Elephant Shrews

Four-Toed Elephant Shrew – Petrodomus tetradactylus
Round-Eared Elephant Shrew – Macroscelides proboscideus
Short-Snouted Elephant Shrew – Elephantulus brachyrhynchus
Bushveld Elephant Shrew – Elephantulus intufi
Rock Elephant Shrew – Elephantulus myurus
Peter’s Short-Snouted Elephant-Shrew – Elephantulus fuscus
Smith’s Rock Elephant Shrew – Elephantulus rupestris
Cape Rock Elephant Shrew – Elephantulus edwardii


South African Hedgehog – Atelerix frontalis

Golden Moles

Giant Golden Mole – Chrysopalax trevelyani
Rough-Haired Golden Mole – Chrysospalax villosus
Cape Golden Mole – Chrysopalax asiatica
De Winton’s Golden Mole – Cryptochloris wintoni
Van Zyl’s Golden Mole – Cryptochloris zyli
Visagie’s Golden Mole – Chrysochloris visagiei
Grant’s Golden Mole – Eremitalpa granti
Duthie’s Golden Mole – Chlorotalpa duthiae
Sclater’s Golden Mole – Chlorotalpa sclateri
Gunning’s Golden Mole – Amblysomus gunningi
Zulu Golden Mole – Amblysomus iris
Juliana’s Golden Mole – Amblysomus julianae
Hottentot Golden Mole – Amblysomus hottentotus
Yellow Golden Mole – Calcochloris obtusirostris

Order: Chiroptera

Fruit Bats

Angolan Epauletted Fruit Bat – Epomophorus angolensis
Gambian Epauletted Fruit Bat – Epomophorus gambianus
Peters’ Epaulatted Fruit Bat – Epomophorus crypturus
Wahlberg’s Epauletted Fruit Bat – Epomophorus walbergi
Dobson’s Fruit Bat – Epomops dobsonii
Straw-Coloured Fruit Bat – Eidolon helvum
Egyptian Fruit Bat – Rousettus aegyptiacus
Bocage’s Fruit Bat – Rousettus angolensis

Insect-Eating Bats

Sheath-Tailed and Tomb Bats

Sheath-Tailed Bat – Coleura afra
Tomb Bat – Taphozous mauritianus
Egyptian Tomb Bat – Taphozous perforates

Free-Tailed Bats

Large-Eared Free-Tailed Bat – Otomops martiensseni
Natal Free-Tailed Bat – Mormopterus acetabulosus
Angola Free-Tailed Bat – Tadarida condylura
Nigerian Free-Tailed Bat – Tadarida nigeriae
Spotted Free-Tailed Bat – Tadarida bivittata
Pale Free-Tailed Bat – Tadarida chapini
Ansorge’s Free-Tailed Bat – Tadarida ansorgei
Big-Eared Free-Tailed Bat – Tadarida lobata
Transvaal Free-Tailed Bat – Tadarida ventralis
Madagascar Large Free-Tailed Bat – Tadarida fulminans
Midus Free-Tailed Bat – Tadarida midas
Little Free-Tailed Bat – Tadarida pumila
Egyptian Free-Tailed Bat – Tadarida aegyptiaca
Flat-Headed Free-Tailed Bat – Sauromys petrophilus

Vesper Bats

Greater Long-Fingered Bat – Miniopterus inflatus
Lesser Long-Fingered Bat – Miniopterus fraterculus
Schreibers’ Long-Fingered Bat – Miniopterus schreibersii
Yellow House Bat – Scotophilus dinganii
Welwitsch’s Hairy Bat – Myotis welwitschii
Angola Hairy Bat – Myotis seabrai
Lesueur’s Hairy Bat – Myotis lesueuri
Rufous Hairy Bat – Myotis bocagei
Temmincks’ Hairy Bat – Myotis tricolor
Banana Bat – Pipistrellus nanus
Kuhl’s Bat – Pipistrellus kuhlii
Anchieta’s Bat – Pipistrellus anchietai
Rusty Bat – Pipistrellus rusticus
Ruppel’s Bat – Pipistrellus rueppellii
Namib Long-Eared Bat – Laephotis namibenis
Botswana Long-Eared Bat – Laephotis botswanae
De Winton’s Long-Eared Bat – Laephotis wintoni
Cape Serotine Bat – Eptesicus capensis
Rendall’s Serotine Bat – Eptesicus rendalli
Long-Tailed Serotine Bat – Eptesicus hottentotus
Melck’s Serotine Bat – Eptesicus melckorum
Aloe Serotine Bat – Eptesicus zuluensis
Somali Serotine Bat – Eptesicus somalicus
Butterfly Bat – Chalinobis variegates
Schlieffens’ Bat – Nycticeius schlieffenii
Giant Yellow House Bat – Scotophilus nigrita

Yellow House Bat – Scotophilus dingani
Lesser Yellow House Bat – Scotophilus borbonicus
Thomas’ House Bat – Scotoecus albofuscus
Damara Woolly Bat – Kerivoula argentata
Lesser Woolly Bat – Kerivoula lanosa

Slit-Faced Bats

Large Slit-Faced Bat – Nycteris grandis
Common Slit-Faced Bat – Nycteris thebaica
Hairy Slit-Faced Bat – Nycteris hispida
Greater Slit-Faced Bat – Nycteris macrotis
Wood’s Slit-Faced Bat – Nycteris woodi
Vinson’s Slit-Faced Bat – Nycteris vinsoni

Horseshoe Bats

Hildebrandt’s Horseshoe Bat – Rhinolophus hildebrandti
Geoffroy’s Horseshoe Bat – Rhinolophus clivosus
Cape Horseshoe Bat – Rhinolophus capensis
Dent’s Horseshoe Bat – Rhinolophus denti
Ruppell’s Horseshoe Bat – Rhinolophus fumigatus
Darling’s Horseshoe Bat – Rhinolophus darlingi
Lander’s Horseshoe Bat – Rhinolophus landeri
Peak-Saddle Horseshoe Bat – Rhinolophus blasii
Bushveld Horseshoe Bat – Rhinolophus simulator
Swinny’s Horseshoe Bat – Rhinolophus swinnyi

Leaf-Nosed and Trident Bats

Commerson’s Leaf-Nosed Bat – Hipposideros commersoni
Sundevall’s Leaf-Nosed Bat – Hipposideros caffer
Short-Eared Trident Bat – Cloeotis percivalli
Persian Leaf-Nosed Bat – Triaenops persicus

Order: Primates

Thick-Tailed Bushbaby - Otolemur crassicaudatus
Lesser Bushbaby - Galago moholi
Grants Lesser Bushbaby - Galagoides zanziaricus


Chacma Baboon - Papio ursinus
Yellow Baboon - Papio cynocephalus


Vervet Monkey - Cercopithecus aethiops
Samango Monkey - Cercopithcus mitis

Order: Pholidota

Pangolin - Manis temminckii

Order: Lagomorpha
Hares and Rabbits

Cape Hare - Lepus capensis
Scub Hare - Lepus saxatilis
Smith's Red Rock Rabbit - Pronolagus rupestris
Natal Red Rock Rabbit - Pronolagus crassicaudatus
Jameson's Red Rock Rabbit - Pronolagus randensis
Riverine Rabbit - Bunolagus monticularis
Rabbit - Oryctolagus cuninculus

Order: Rodentia

Cape Dune Molerat - Bathyergus suillus
Namaqua Dune Molerat - Bathyergus janetta
Common Molerat - Cryptomys hottentotus
Cape Molerat - Georychus capensis
Damara Molerat - Cryptomys damaraensis

Porcupine - Hystrix africaeaustralis

Springhare - Pedetes capensis

Spectacled Dormouse - Graphiurus ocularis
Woodland Dormouse - Graphiurus murinus
Rock Dormouse - Graphiurus platyops
Lesser Savanna Dormouse - Graphiurus parvus

Ground Squirrel - Xerus inauris
Sun Squirrel - Heliosciurus mutabilis
Striped Tree Squirrel - Funisciurus congicus
Red Squirrel - Paraxerus palliatus
Tree Squirrel - Paraxerus cepapi
Grey Squirrel - Sciurus carolinensis
Mountain Ground Squirrel - Xerus princeps

Greater Canerat - Thryonomys swinderianus
Lesser Canerat - Thryonomys gregorianus
Dassie Rat - Petromys typicus
Brant's Whistling Rat - Parotomys brantsii
Littledale's Whistling Rat - Parotomys littledalei
Laminate Vlei Rat - Otomys laminatus
Saunder's Vlei Rat - Otomys saundersiae
Angoni Vlei Rat - Otomys angoniensis
Vlei Rat - Otomys irroratus
Sloggett's Rat - Otomys sloggetti
Karoo Bush Rat - Otomys unisulcatus
Grooved-Toothed Mouse - Pelomys fallax
Spiny Mouse - Acomys spinosissimus
Cape Spiny Mouse - Acomys subspinosus
Single-Striped Mouse - Lemniscomys rosalia
Striped Mouse - Rhabdomys pumilio
Woosnam's Desert Rat - Zelotomys woosnami
Water Rat - Dasymys incomtus
Mozambique Woodland Rat - Grammomys cometes
Woodland Mouse - Grammomys dolichurus
House Mouse - Mus musculus
Pygmy Mouse - Mus minutoides
Setzer's Pygmy Mouse - Mus setzeri
Grey-Bellied Pygmy Mouse - Mus triton
Thomas' Pygmy Mouse - Mus sorella
Desert Pygmy Mouse - Mus indutus
Rudd's Mouse - Uranomys ruddi
Multimmate Mouse - Masyomys natalensis
Shortridge's Mouse - Mastomys shortridgei
Tree Mouse - Thallomys paedulcus
Namaqua Rock Mouse - Aethomys namaquaensis
Red Veld Rat - Aethomys chrysophilus
House Rat - Rattus rattus
Short-Tailed Gerbil - Desmodillus auricularis
Hairy-Footed Gerbil - Gerbillurus paeba
Bushveld Gerbil - Tatera leucogaster
Cape Gerbil - Tatera afra
Highveld Gerbil - Tatera brantsii
Pygmy Rock Mouse - Petromyscus collinus
White-Tailed Mouse - Mystromys albicaudatus
Giant Rat - Cricetomys gambianus
Pouched Mouse - Saccostomus campestris
Large-Eared Mouse - Malacothrix typica
Grey Climbing Mouse - Dendromus melanotis
Brant's Climbing Mouse - Dendromus mesomelas
Chestnut Climbing Mouse - Dendromus mystacalis
Fat Mouse - Steatomys pratensis



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