Difference between Black and White Rhino

Black Rhino (Hooked-lip Rhino)

•Smaller than the white rhino. A large bull weighs around 1000 kg.
•They have a rather small hooked shaped mouth for feeding on trees and shrubs.
•The black rhinos' natural head posture is face upward, so there is no need for it to lift its' head when feeding off trees.
•Black rhino are often found in thick vegetation which is possibly the reason why the female will often run in front of her calf to clear a pathway.
•The black rhino is short tempered and extremely aggressive compared to the white rhino.
•They are very solitary and seldom join up with other individuals.

White Rhino (Broad-mouthed Rhino)

•Larger than black rhino. Large bulls reaching weights of 2500 kg.
•They have a very broad flat mouth which aids in feeding off large quantities of grass.
•A white rhinos' natural head posture faces downward so its' mouth is always close to the ground while grazing.
•They have a very distinct hump above the shoulders as well as a very prominent fold of skin at the lower parts of the shoulders.
•Being a very social animals it is not uncommon to see 10 or 15 white rhinos moving together and sometime more.
•White rhino are normally found in very open areas such as plains.
•The calf normally runs in front of its mother, with the mother using her horn to direct the calf by tapping it on the rear.

There is no colour difference between the two rhinos. The Dutch people named the white rhino the "Weid mond rhino", meaning “Wide-mouth rhino”. The English thought they were saying "white", so it was all just a misinterpretation of the name.

Even though the white rhino is less aggressive, there are still more incidents of them attacking people as they have a higher population and thus regular encounters with people.


Focus on social issues said...

It is now clear that, the difference between the black and white rhinos has got nothing to do with their colour.

Anonymous said...

While working in Kenya I heard the best difference between the two. The Black Rhino has no sense of humor.

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I did some work in South Africa with rhinos. I remember learning that although black rhinos tend to be more aggressive in the wild, they are more docile in captivity compared to white rhinos. Is this true?

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It is great news and I think that this information about the differences between the two genres of rhinos. I think that it can help me so much to help me in preparing a report on them.

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this difference between the two rhinos is very clear that they are not the same although they dont differ in colours

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Great information. I have now know the difference between the black and the white rhino