Most dangerous animal in Africa

Statistics show that the Hippo kills the most people in Africa every year with exception to the mosquito. I don't believe that these statistics are very accurate as the Crocodile also takes many lives every year.
The Hippo is 99.99% a herbivore so after killing a person they just leave the body and go back into the water. A Crocodile will normally eat whatever it kills.
Here are two examples:

David goes down to the river to do some washing and in the process he gets killed by a Hippo. The evidence is very clear that a Hippo killed him as the hippo’s footprints may be visible and the bite marks on David’s body are also clear, so another death is marked off for that year.

David goes down to river to do some washing in doing so gets killed and eaten by a Crocodile. No one saw what happened, all they know is that he is missing.

So it is impossible to say who kills more people, it could be either Hippo or Crocodile. I think it’s the Crocodile.


Cats said...

Yep I was a little surprised too when I came across this statistic. I guess Hippos are very territorial and they lead to capsizing of many boats in river - leading to multiple deaths at time. But you are right - victims of crocs may often never be found..thus leading to more potential deaths..

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hippos people seem to think might be slow and clumsy and of course as you know they aren't. I recall watching a National Geographic video about Hippo attacks and the fatalities caused. I think crocodiles are more dangerous because they're stealth hunter - and like you said the victims are never found. Great post
All the best

Fani said...

I think you are right ...This is my feeling too ...But I noticed crocodile attacks only when he is hungry ...while hippo when is angry ...and his bad temper is known :)Correct me please if I did a mistake...